I  first heard about home made bio diesel fuel at the Clearwater festival in New York. I decided that this is something I need to explore further. I am fairly handy and learned that this is a project I could easily tackle. I did not want to hunt for equipment, purchase an over priced processor, or buy equipment that I did not really need. I found the BiodieselWarehouse.com a great site for equipment, information, and assistance. The BiodieselWarehouse.com provided most of my equipment to get me started and Rich quickly answered all my numerous e-mail questions. I am now using bio diesel in my VW TDI Golf getting 40+ MPG. This is great, especially because I drive over 40,000 miles each year.

I enjoy the cost savings on my fuel, approx. .75 / gal., but to me the most important factors are the largely reduced emissions and I am doing my part to lower our dependence on foreign sources of oil. Making my own bio diesel is my small way of attempting energy independence and reducing pollution. I believe biodiesel made from recycling waste cooking oil is a great way to help us all live better.

Steve R.