Safe Sea Lotion – Anti Jellyfish Protection

Safe Sea is a Unique Sunscreen with a Patented Formula that protects you against harmful Uva And Uvb Sun rays, safe sea lotion has been tested and found useful against jellyfish and other sea stingers


Safe Sea Sunscreen

Sunscreen with protection from jellyfish stings for a relaxing day by the sea.


Beach line Specifications and benefits

  • World-first sunscreen with built-in protection against jellyfish stings
  • Wide Media and PR Coverage
  • Patented internationally
  • Clinically proven
  • High SPF
  • Water resistant

relax at the beach

Beach line advantages

  • Great balance of organic and physical filters for long-lasting protection
  • Tested for “high water resistance” for lengthy water activities

World only protection from Jellyfish stings

  • Clinically approved by Stanford Hospital (CA, USA) safe sea store
    and other leading medical centers to provide protection against jellyfish stings, including dangerous jellyfish
  • Patented in EU, USA and Australia

safe sea store

“Safe Sea: keep ocean lovers in the water and out of agony”

  • Brand recognition: Jellyfish are the hottest news of the summer. Safe Sea is an outstanding sunscreen that continues to attract much media attention at the beach.