We stock all the equipment you need to make your own biodiesel. The BiodieselWarehouse is the only webstore offering “Appleseed” kits for as little as $199!  See our DIY processor kits section for all the details.

Biodiesel is much cleaner than fossil-fuel diesel. It can be used in any unmodified diesel engine. In fact diesel engines run better and last longer with biodiesel.  Biodiesel can easily be made used cooking oil for $0.70 per gallon or less. Complete Processor Kit 

At biodiesel warehouse we make our own fuel. When we couldn’t find all of the equipment we needed in one place on the web, we decided to build this site. This site is focused on the Do-It-Yourself home producer. While there are ready built processors available, they sell for $3,000 without accessories! We believe that by making low-cost biodiesel processor kitsavailable, biodiesel will be more accessible to the average person who wants to save money while helping the environment. As biodiesel use grows it will provide a cleaner environment and less dependence on foreign oil.

We also believe that water heater based processors are superior to the “plastic cone tank” type processors available on the market.  Cone tanks are great for washing but not good at all for processing hot oil.  A water heater is the best solution for a home processor for a lot of reasons. For starters they can be made fumeless. This means toxic and explosive methanol is controlled. Also, water heaters include a heating element and a thermostat. The best reason for me was insulation. Anyone who has tried to heat 50 gallons of oil to 130 degrees knows that without insulation this is not going to happen in the winter. Water heater processors are good for recovering excess methanol from a reaction…this cuts the cost per gallon even further.

I had never heard of biodiesel until I listened to an interview with Daryl Hannah.

She is a great advocate of using biodiesel. This is a snapshot of us together at the National Biodiesel Board annual conference. It was a great chance for me to thank her for her efforts. (Don’t take this as her endorsing my site)

Many of the products sold here are heavy. The rates are automated UPS rates shipping from Connecticut. Please bookmark this site and return often because we will add products all the time. Please see the  How To Make Biodiesel section of this site to better understand how biodiesel is made.

Are you wondering what diesel secret is?  They thin out waste vegetable oil with; Gasoline, diesel or kerosene, a cetane booster and their Diesel Secret additive.  In truth this practice if harmful for your engine (research).  Here is the real secret behind Diesel Secret… Forum discussion of Diesel Secret

Check out the new Super Easy Titration Table!  You can determine the amount of lye you need in grams based on you titration without a calculator.  Print this out and put it in your shop. 

Happy Brewing!
Rich Reilly

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Rudolf Diesel, c.1912…
“The diesel engine can be fed with vegetable oils and would help considerably in the development of agriculture of the countries which use it…The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today. But such oils may become in course of time as important as petroleum and the coal tar products of the present time.”